Web and Social Media

As a web developer, I've been building websites since 1996. I have extensive experience building secure, accessible and usable websites. The time that I have available for freelance web design jobs is very limited, but my current pet project is the development of a suite of frameworks, child themes, and plugins for use in WordPress by musicians looking for an easy way to build and maintain a custom website for themselves or their band. The package, named Indy, will be Open Source and available on this site, probably in early 2015.

Web and Social Media Manager, JohnFullbrightMusic.com. This was my first musician website built entirely in WordPress. I'm the one who maintains it in its entirety, but with a strong collection of plugins, some of them built custom for the site, this website could be easily maintained by a musician or his associates without needing to know a lot of code. Most recently updated in 2014, the site is fully responsive and represents everything I know how to do for an artist's website.

I also manage most of John's social media presence: Facebook, Youtube, BandsinTown, Twitter (on occasion), Nimbit online merch sales, email blasts, PledgeMusic, and miscellaneous others. Also, most of the photographs on the website and his other web presences are mine.

RedDirtRangers.com. My first custom-built responsive site. I built the site, but I do not maintain content, although I do technical support—updates on WordPress and plugins and other tasks as needed.

BlueDoorOKC.com. My first venue site, also another WordPress site, maintained in conjunction with the venue staff. This site is slated for major update in 2015.

115Recording.com. I built this website in 2011 for a local recording studio, and as with the Rangers' site, I do technical support but not content maintenance. We're probably going to update this site soon.

TheRogues.com. This site passed from my hands some years ago, and there's none of my work that remains there, but I still like the design, so here's a couple of screencaps.