My images at work

NOTE: You know, this hasn't been updated in a WHILE. Jiminy, I've got stuff everywhere these days. I'll get around to updating this page at some point, but really, most of the folks I work with already know, right?


My photos to date have been used extensively on CD covers and inserts, in press packages, on websites, and in various publications. Here are some of them at work: I am very pleased and proud to have my work associated with this young man. He is a brilliant musician with a bright future, and a lot of fun to photograph. Old friends and great musicians; they use my photos on their website, in their promo package, and on the artwork for their most recent CD, ReD.

CDs. It never gets old seeing my photos on the artwork for a new CD. Artists who have used my material include John Fullbright, Greg Jacobs, Joel Melton, Bill Lewis, Mike Bray, Needfire, Clandestine, the Rogues, Loescher & Kenneth, and more to come soon.

Websites and promo packages. I think I've lost track of everyone who's used my photos online, but here are some of them. I have a special package price in my store, for musicians and others who want to buy 8x10 prints of a single photograph in quantity.